Uganda: Investigate Killings in Rwenzori Region

Image result for Uganda: Investigate Killings in Rwenzori RegionHuman Rights Watch has today called for investigations into the conduct of Ugandan security personnel following the recent violence in the Rwenzori region of Western Uganda. Police personnel slayed dozens of people and detained around one fifty persons during the clashes that plagued Kasese town on November 26th and 27th. Details on the enormity remain scarce, though it’s evident that the move was a government sponsored offensive on the Bakonzo cultural kingdom. The nation’s spokesman says that around fourteen police offices and fifty Royal Guards have been killed, with the king being arrested and transferred to a police post in Jinja, Eastern Uganda. Charges against him are yet to be detailed, if any. Independent organizations operating in the East African nation have also not corroborated the total figures of those slain.

The above mentioned zone in Western Uganda has in the past witnessed violent activities. Between February and April this year, the Bamba and Bakonzo ethnic groups resorted to savagery infighting after disputed local elections, an occurrence that claimed the lives of thirty people.



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