Chios Island Camp in Greece Attacked

Image result for Chios island camp in Greece attackedChios Island has in the past days been plagued by nights of atrocities/violence in and around the Souda camp facility which houses more than four thousand refugees. The UN refugee agency (UNHCR) reports that dozens of tents, including one harboring fifty people, have been scorched to ashes. Last Wednesday, there were tensions following a dispatch of fireworks. Greek police personnel afterwards arrested an Iranian man and three Algerian teens as suspects, further accusing them of stealing the items from a shop.

More than twenty thousand asylum seekers still reside on the Greek islands’ camps. Greece UNHCR spokesman Roland Schoenbauer mentioned that on Friday a crowd on the facility’s wall caused serious injury on a Syrian refugee after an attempt to stone him.

On Thursday night, Molotov cocktails were denoted on several tents which utterly destroyed them, Mr Schoenbauer told the BBC. He further notes that many immigrants have fled and it’s difficult to convince them to go back the overcrowded government run camp.



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