Japan: Man Hanged as Secretive Executions Continue

Image result for Japan: Man hanged as secretive executions continueThe Japanese administration seems to be on the “wrong side of history”, as majority of the world’s nations turn away from the death penalty. Last Friday, a forty five year old man was executed at Fukuoka Detention Center, after a 2012 sentence for the two murder charges. The act was the third to be carried out in 2016, under Prime Minister Abe’s leadership.

Executions in Japan are more often concealed to the victims, with prisoners given only a few hours’ notice, while others come to terms on the rope/electric chair. Also, their families and lawyers are notified only after the gruesome act has taken place.

The above mentioned approach also constitutes inhibiting adequate legal counsel to defendants, coupled with lack of mandatory appeal processes for capital cases. In addition, prisoners with mental concerns have been executed or placed on death row.

It is salient to note that secret executions do not adhere to the international framework on use of the death penalty. Furthermore, Human Rights group view the undertaking as the ultimate cruel, barbaric and degrading form of punishment.




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