Italian Police Torturing Migrants

Image result for Italian police torturing migrantsAmnesty International has today reported that Italian police are employing beatings coupled with electric shocks, to coerce migrants into fingerprinting as the country cracks under security related pressure from the EU. Italy’s Chief of Police nonetheless refuted the allegations, completely denying the use of violent methodologies in the force’s handling of migrants.

The London-based Human rights mentions that EU’s pressure on Italy to get tough on refugees has resulted in unlawful expulsions and dire treatment which in some cases have amounted to torture. The EU sponsored asylum processing approach, entailing the fingerprinting of new arrivals to inhibit further movement past Italy, has overseen dire atrocities such as the abuse of minors, according to testimonies from over 170 migrants. Three quarter of the ill treatment occurrences reported by Amnesty have involved beatings. Furthermore, several cases taken the form of electrocutions with stun batons. A 16 year old boy from South Sudan says it was done many times on his legs, belly and chest, leaving him at a very weak state.



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