Human Rights Watch: UN Settlement Vote Boosts FIFA Pressure

The UN has expressed disapproval of the settlements based in the West Bank, a zone which also harbors Israeli soccer clubs. Human Rights Watch details that the UN Security Council last week called for termination of the encampments, a resolution that is being regarded as the first in decades. While Israel administrators dubbed the declaration as a “shameful act,” HRW asserts that it exerts more pressure on the FIFA Corporation ahead of its leadership conference this month. The West Bank harbors six soccer clubs (participating in the Israel league) alongside a large inhabitancy. Rights Institutions are viewing the scenario as a breach to international law.

Around four hundred thousand Israelis reside in the aforementioned zone, particularly in an occupancy where Palestinians are forbidden. The international community sees the approach as a hindrance to the much needed peace in the area. In October last year, the soccer governing body was to make a verdict on the future of the six clubs but instead delayed it till the next meeting scheduled in January 9-10.




10-Year Sentence for Political Graffiti in Azerbaijan

Image result for 10-Year Sentence for Political Graffiti in AzerbaijanAnyone living in Azerbaijan will hardly walk away scot free after partaking in political satire. This case has been witnessed in the recent sentencing of 21 year old activist Bayram Mammadov, who will serve a ten year jail term for mocking former president’s lavish expenditures.

Mammadov painted a derisive graffiti on a statue of former president Heydar Aliyev, father to current president, Ilham Aliyev. State authorities then fabricated drug offenses on Mammadov, a tactic they normally employ against youth activists to daunt them while discouraging others from following suit. Police personnel arrested Mammadov and 22 year old Giyas Ibrahimov back in May after CCTV footage showed the two spraying graffiti wording “Happy Slave Day,” a ridicule on the celebrated “Happy Flower Day” that coincides with Heydar Aliyev’s birthday.

Both victims confessed to drug charges after a severe beating from the police. They later retracted the false accusations at the court hearing; but the authorities nonetheless charged them with drug-related offenses without investigations into the allegations.


Uganda: Investigate Killings in Rwenzori Region

Image result for Uganda: Investigate Killings in Rwenzori RegionHuman Rights Watch has today called for investigations into the conduct of Ugandan security personnel following the recent violence in the Rwenzori region of Western Uganda. Police personnel slayed dozens of people and detained around one fifty persons during the clashes that plagued Kasese town on November 26th and 27th. Details on the enormity remain scarce, though it’s evident that the move was a government sponsored offensive on the Bakonzo cultural kingdom. The nation’s spokesman says that around fourteen police offices and fifty Royal Guards have been killed, with the king being arrested and transferred to a police post in Jinja, Eastern Uganda. Charges against him are yet to be detailed, if any. Independent organizations operating in the East African nation have also not corroborated the total figures of those slain.

The above mentioned zone in Western Uganda has in the past witnessed violent activities. Between February and April this year, the Bamba and Bakonzo ethnic groups resorted to savagery infighting after disputed local elections, an occurrence that claimed the lives of thirty people.


India Vows ‘Retribution’ After Soldier Killings

Image result for India vows 'retribution' after soldier killingsIndian administrators have promised to revenge the murder of three of its army personnel in the disputed Kashmir zone as relations with Pakistan continue to deteriorate. State representatives mentioned that militants from across the border had launched an offensive on Indian troops and disfigured a soldier’s body. Pakistan on the other hand accused India of shelling a passenger bus wherein eight civilians were slain. Both nations are currently incriminating each other of violations against the 2003 Kashmir truce agreement. Tensions first arose in September when terrorists bombarded an Indian army station.

Last Tuesday, the Press Trust of India reported an ambush on a counter-infiltration army group that was overseeing the setting up of barricades along the forest belt in Machil zone in Kupwara district. The Pakistani authority have since refuted the accusation. Indian Army spokesman Col Rajesh Kalia asserts that heavy retribution will be overseen for the atrocity. Since the attack, Human Rights Groups have released accounts of heavy artillery use by both sides along the border.


Chios Island Camp in Greece Attacked

Image result for Chios island camp in Greece attackedChios Island has in the past days been plagued by nights of atrocities/violence in and around the Souda camp facility which houses more than four thousand refugees. The UN refugee agency (UNHCR) reports that dozens of tents, including one harboring fifty people, have been scorched to ashes. Last Wednesday, there were tensions following a dispatch of fireworks. Greek police personnel afterwards arrested an Iranian man and three Algerian teens as suspects, further accusing them of stealing the items from a shop.

More than twenty thousand asylum seekers still reside on the Greek islands’ camps. Greece UNHCR spokesman Roland Schoenbauer mentioned that on Friday a crowd on the facility’s wall caused serious injury on a Syrian refugee after an attempt to stone him.

On Thursday night, Molotov cocktails were denoted on several tents which utterly destroyed them, Mr Schoenbauer told the BBC. He further notes that many immigrants have fled and it’s difficult to convince them to go back the overcrowded government run camp.


Japan: Man Hanged as Secretive Executions Continue

Image result for Japan: Man hanged as secretive executions continueThe Japanese administration seems to be on the “wrong side of history”, as majority of the world’s nations turn away from the death penalty. Last Friday, a forty five year old man was executed at Fukuoka Detention Center, after a 2012 sentence for the two murder charges. The act was the third to be carried out in 2016, under Prime Minister Abe’s leadership.

Executions in Japan are more often concealed to the victims, with prisoners given only a few hours’ notice, while others come to terms on the rope/electric chair. Also, their families and lawyers are notified only after the gruesome act has taken place.

The above mentioned approach also constitutes inhibiting adequate legal counsel to defendants, coupled with lack of mandatory appeal processes for capital cases. In addition, prisoners with mental concerns have been executed or placed on death row.

It is salient to note that secret executions do not adhere to the international framework on use of the death penalty. Furthermore, Human Rights group view the undertaking as the ultimate cruel, barbaric and degrading form of punishment.


Italian Police Torturing Migrants

Image result for Italian police torturing migrantsAmnesty International has today reported that Italian police are employing beatings coupled with electric shocks, to coerce migrants into fingerprinting as the country cracks under security related pressure from the EU. Italy’s Chief of Police nonetheless refuted the allegations, completely denying the use of violent methodologies in the force’s handling of migrants.

The London-based Human rights mentions that EU’s pressure on Italy to get tough on refugees has resulted in unlawful expulsions and dire treatment which in some cases have amounted to torture. The EU sponsored asylum processing approach, entailing the fingerprinting of new arrivals to inhibit further movement past Italy, has overseen dire atrocities such as the abuse of minors, according to testimonies from over 170 migrants. Three quarter of the ill treatment occurrences reported by Amnesty have involved beatings. Furthermore, several cases taken the form of electrocutions with stun batons. A 16 year old boy from South Sudan says it was done many times on his legs, belly and chest, leaving him at a very weak state.